Visa Information

The Conference will be pleased to send an official letter of invitation to any attendee making such a request. It is understood that such an invitation is intended to help potential attendees obtain travel funds or a visa. The letter does not constitute any financial commitment on the part of the conference. Upon request of the delegate, VOICE Organizing Committee will provide an invitation or visa letters that is a required document for your visa application to those delegates with a paid conference registration.

Please note that the names and addresses on all invitation or visa letters must be the same names as provided at the online registration. In order to complete the invitation or visa letters, please send a copy of your passport to

You should apply for a visa in person at your nearest Indonesian Embassy or Consulate in your country, although it’s possible to obtain Indonesian visas in other countries while you’re on an extended trip. To apply for a visa, you must complete the application form, which can be downloaded from many consular websites. Before you plan your visit, you should find out if you need a visa to enter Indonesia. Please visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affair of Indonesia to find out if you need to apply for a visa and for further information. Regulations vary from country to country, and often times, from year to year.

Indonesia also has Visa on Arrival (VOA) to Indonesia. In accordance with the Regulation of Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia No. M. HH-01.GR-01.06 year dated 12 January 2010, citizens from 62 countries and 1 region are eligible for applying a VOA. This visa can be obtained directly when you arrive at certain airports and seaports in Indonesia, regardless of the purpose of your visit (Business, Tourist, Social-Cultural).

Visa on Arrival is neither a work visa nor a visit visa. Therefore, it can not be extended or converted into another immigration permit. The maximum stay permitted is thirty (30) days and could be extended (one time) for a maximum thirty (30) days.

The general requirements for visa on arrival are:

Non visa-on-arrival

If your nationality is not eligible for a visa-on-arrival or should you prefer to skip the queue at the Indonesian airport immigration booth and prefer to arrange for the visa in your own country, Single Entry Visa B211A may be an alternative for you.

The Single Entry Visa (index B211A) is valid for single entry only. Maximum length of stay in Indonesian territory is 60 (sixty) days starting from the first day of arrival, regardless of the time of arrival (e.g. arriving in Indonesia at 23.30 or 11.30 PM is considered Day 1).

Length of stay in Indonesia for holders of Visa B211A can be extended maximum 4 (four) times, with 30 days per extension. Request for visa extension must be submitted to the nearest Immigration Office in Indonesia at the latest 7 (seven) days before the allowed duration of stay expires.

Requirements for visa application:

  1. Completed Visa Application Form (can be downloaded at the Indonesian Embassy website of your country of residence). Visa Application Form can also be obtained at the Visa & Consular Section at the Embassy, Mon-Fri, 09.30 – 12.30.
  2. Original passport with at least 6 (six) months validity upon the intended date of arrival in Indonesia.
  3. Copy of valid passport.
  4. One colored photo (3x4 or 4x6) with light background (preferably white), attached or glued to the Visa Application Form.
  5. Copy of round-trip flight (two-ways flight) or travel itinerary.
  6. Copy of bank statement or proof of sufficient funds during the whole period of stay in Indonesia. For traveling family, only one bank statement or proof of sufficient funds per family is needed.
  7. For business, conference, or meeting purposes, attach the attestation or reference letter from your company or institution and an invitation letter from the Indonesia based partner company or institution.
  8. Copy of the bank payment receipt: Single Entry Visa € 55

All visa payment must be made through bank transfer or deposit to the Embassy’s bank account as directed by the Embassy.

Please make sure all the necessary field in the Visa Application Form are duly filled and the supporting documents are in order before making bank payment.

Please note that once payment has been made, fees are non-refundable at any circumstances.

Incomplete Visa Application Form and supporting documents may cause delay or rejection of the visa application.

Application must be submitted between Monday to Friday from 09:30 – 12:30, except on Indonesian and your country of residence public holidays. No appointment is required to submit your visa application.

Visa invitation letter

Should you need an invitation letter for the purpose of the visa arrangement, kindly send us a request with a copy of your valid passport as well as a signed official letter from your organization, university/other type of institution which validates your credentials.