Financial Support/ Scholarship
  1. Will there any financial support available to attend the conference?
    There will be financial support for a number of participants whose abstracts are accepted. This support is prioritized for students, government officials, and local grassroots organizations from low & lower-middle-income countries.

  1. What is the registration fee?
    Early Bird Registration:

    1. Students from low & lower-middle-income countries IDR 850,000

    2. Students from upper-middle & high-income countries IDR 1,275,000

    3. Participants from low & lower-middle-income countries IDR 2,125,000

    4. Participants from upper-middle & high-income countries IDR 2,550,000

  2. Is the fee refundable if I can’t attend anymore?
    This event is non-refundable, so if you have paid to attend the conference, we will not be able to give you your money back.

  3. How do I pay for the conference?

  4. Please make sure you have successfully registered as a participant for the VOICE International Conference and take a screenshot when you get to the confirmation page. Then, you have to choose a payment method (with a Paypal or Bank Transfer) when you fill the registration form on the REGISTRATION page.

    1. Payment with USD (Paypal)

      Payment with USD (Paypal) should be done in USD currency with a Paypal Account or a Debit/Credit Card (Master/Visa/American Express/Discover). Also, you have to pay once you have completed the registration.

      Please click “Pay Now” button on the registration confirmation page. You will be directed to the Paypal page. You can choose to pay via a Paypal Account or via a Bank Account/Credit Card:

      • Via Paypal Account: Please log in to your Paypal Account and then choose your Debit/Credit Card (Master, Visa, American, or Discover). Comfirm your purchase in paypal then click "Pay Now"

      • Via Bank Account/Credit Card: click “Pay with a Bank Account or Credit Card” button in the Paypal page. Fill the form of your Debit/Credit Card (Master/Visa/American Express/Discovery) then click “Pay Now”

      You will get the confirmation email after you have made the payment.

    2. Payment with IDR (Transfer)

    3. Payment with IDR (Transfer) should be done in IDR currency. Please transfer the registration fee to the following account no later than October 30, 2018 (for early bird registration) or December 12, 2018 (for regular registration):

      • Bank/Branch : Mandiri/Universitas Indonesia (UI)

      • Account Name : VOICE 2018

      • Account Number : 157-000-622-0652

      • Swift code : BMRIIDJA

      Make sure you are paying the same amount as indicated on the registration form.

      Send your payment receipt to with the subject “Payment Confirmation_Your Full Name”. We will verify the payment and send you a confirmation email.

  1. What do I need to prepare before submitting my abstract?
    You need to create an account (the account must be registered and confirmed by ICSystem), prepare your abstract and profile details. You have to submit the abstract through ICSystem. After selecting the abstract category, you can fill in your profile (name and affiliation), your contact, abstract, and keywords in the fields provided.

  2. How to submit an abstract?

    1. Create an account using ICSystem

    2. Verify your account by click the link that will be sent to your email

    3. Log in through ICSystem

    4. On the first page, you need to:

      1. choose the event (Viable And Operable Ideas For Child Equality International Conference 2018)

      2. choose a theme (Children and climate change migration, Social norms that underlie harms to children, or Children and technology)

      3. choose a track (academic research paper, program implementation paper, or policy review paper)

    5. Click “NEXT” button

    6. On the second page, you need to fill in first name, last name, email, URL of your blog or your organization’s website, affiliation, occupation, country, city, and phone number

    7. Click “NEXT” button

    8. On the third page, you need to fill in abstract title, abstract, abstract keyword, and language of paper (choose english)

    9. Click “SUBMIT” button

  3. How do I add a co-author?
    You can add a co-author through ICSystem when you submit your abstract. After you fill in your personal information, you can click the “Add More Author” button. You need to fill in the personal information of your co-author. The system will send a confirmation email to the co-author`s email address. The system will accept your abstract after the co-author confirms the email. The co-author should be informed that a confirmation email regarding this matter will be sent to them.

  4. Am I allowed to submit more than one abstract? Is there any limit to the number of abstracts I may send?
    Yes, you are allowed to submit more than one abstract. There is no limit to the number of abstracts that you might submit. But, it is important for you to know that you can only present once as an author.

  5. Am I allowed to edit the abstract I have submitted?
    Yes, you always can edit the abstract(s) on the ICSystem before the deadline (15 September 2018).

  6. Can I withdraw the abstract I have submitted?
    You may withdraw your abstract at any time. However, your registration fee is not refundable.

  7. Do I have to submit the full paper after my abstract is accepted?
    You do not need to submit your full paper if your abstract is accepted.

  8. What will the committee do to the abstract selected for publication?
    We will contact the authors regarding the offer and the process to publish a full manuscript.

  9. What will happen if my abstract got accepted but I can’t attend the conference?
    We will withdraw your abstract. But the event is non-refundable, so if you have registered and paid for the conference, we cannot give your money back.

  1. What are the formats for the academic research presentations, implementation of program presentations, and policy review presentations?
    The author will present their abstract in an oral presentation. For the format of the presentation, the committee will inform the author after the abstract has been accepted.

  2. Is there any difference between academic paper presentation, program implementation paper presentation, and policy review presentation?
    We will provide you with a skeleton for presenting your research, program, or policy review.

  3. Do I have to attend the entire event session?
    No, you do not. But, we have a lot of interesting sessions at our event.

  4. Can I attend a conference without registering?
    Unfortunately, you can`t. We want our participants to feel relaxed when attending the conference, so we need to register every participant to organize it well.

  5. I came to represent my friend/colleague/boss who can`t attend the conference. Do I have to register again? Do I need to pay for it?
    You do not need to register and pay. However, please contact the organizer to inform the changes.

  6. Will we get a certificate for the selected author and participants?
    Yes, we will provide certificates for authors and participants.

  7. What happens if event schedule changes?
    If there any event schedule changes, we will inform you as soon as possible through your registered email.

  1. Do I need a visa to go to Indonesia?
    If you a passport holders of a certain country in the regulation, you need not a visa to enter Indonesia. You are given 30 days stay and can not be extended. You can visit this link to get further info.

  2. Can I apply for a visa on arrival?
    A passport holders of a certain country can apply for Visa on Arrival. A holder of Visa on Arrival is given 30 days stay and can be extended in Immigration Office for 1 (one) time, to have another 30 days stay. You can visit this link to get further info.

  3. I need an official invitation as a conference participant from committee to apply for a visa, can the committee provide it?
    Yes we can. You need to inform us via email ( to get those official invitation.

  1. Who can I contact if I have a question or submit a complaint?
    You can contact the committee via email (

  1. What do I get by paying a registration fee?
    The registration fee covers seminar kit and certificate.

  2. Do the committee provide accommodation (hotel, transport, and meals) for participants?
    No, we do not.

  3. Can do the organizers help us to book hotel rooms?
    Unfortunately, we can not.